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Why Albania!

The New York Times chose Albania one of the places to go in 2014, the fourth best holiday destination! Albania is located to the north from Greece, the Mediterranean summers are warm and sunny. Summer season starts in April and continues until deep autumn.

The vast majority of tourism focuses on the Adriatic and Ionian seas adjacent coastal areas. Tourism is an important part of the economy and increased greatly; in 2005, Albania accepted 500 000 tourists. By 2012, the annual number of tourist already exceeded the 4 million.


What is Albaniadom!

Finnish-Albanian agency of Hakala family Аlbaniadom from Finland sells albanian real estate for about 5 years and rents apartments just at the seashore.

You can choose comfortable apartment in the middle of the country — in Durrës close to the elegant sandy Adriatic beach and pine groves, a 40-minute drive from the airport and Tiranë.

You can settle at the blue Ionic Sea in Albanian Riviera in Vlorë or the popular southern resort of Sarandë, near the Greek Corfu.

What do we offer!

  • Individual approach on finding the ideal property for every client
  • Informal approach to the choice of real estate
  • Special property offers at below market price are always present
  • We assist in obtaining a residence permit
  • Decoration design based on your preferences done by a specialist
  • Complete apartments decoration according to any of the selected options – economy, medium or luxury class
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What Clients Say

По рекомендации Светланы первый раз поехали в Албанию 04 Октября 2013 года. Друзья отнеслись скептически: мусульманская страна, оружие, наркотики, припомнили все…


Дорогая Светлана! Албания – любовь моя навеки. В Албанию хочется всегда! Планируем приехать в сентябре, т.к. первую часть отпуска мы посетили Иорданию, сестра нам оплатила.


Commercial offers

Are you interested in business opportunities in Albania? We take care of the hotels, apartments and villas of the best holiday destinations in Albania. We and our lawyers will help you through all stages of buying apartment safely.

How to get here?

You do not need a visa for Albania. Tirana (the Albanian capital) can be reached within easiest and fastest Helsinki fly. Lufthansa via Munich, travel time 5:30 shortest, switching time is 55 minutes, or via Istanbul with a journey time of about 7-8 hours.

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