Travelling from Finland to Albania is easy, safe and reasonably fast.

Passport Required, No Visa

Most european citizens do not need to get Albanian visa, a passport is sufficient. The visa requirement exemption applies mm. all EU / EFTA citizens of the region. Pass entitles to to 90 days of stay within 180 days. A longer stay requires a residence permit.

Multiple Flight Options

Tirana (the Albanian capital) can be reached within easiest and fastest Helsinki fly. Lufthansa via Munich, travel time 5:30 shortest, switching time is 55 minutes. Another good option is Turkish Airlines, with a journey time of about 7-8 hours via Istanbul.

Shuttle Services From Albaniadom

A shuttle service is provided for additional charge. Our worker on a five or seven-seats car will met you at the Rinas airport. The road will take half an hour. Along the way you will be able to exchange currency at a favorable rate, and buy a phone card with Internet traffic (€3-7).

Transfers cost:

  • Rinas airport — Durrës (Golem) = € 30 (up to 4 person) and € 40 ( 5-6 person );
  • Durrës (Golem) — Tiranë = € 50;
  • Durrës — Vlorë = € 80;
  • Durrës — Sarandë (through Gjirokastër) = € 160;
  • Durrës — Sarandë (along the seaside) = €180;
  • Tivat airport (Montenegro) — Durrës = €150;
  • Podgorica airport (Montenegro) — Durrës = €120;
  • Durrës — Pogradec = €130.

* €10 extra-fee for the above services when they occur during night time (from 20-00 to 7-00).
* Transfer Rates are provided per car for up to 6 people. Backwards transfer price can be more favorable, ask manager for that.


We also organize trips to Albanian cities: Shkodër, Sarandë, Vlorë, Apollonia, Krujë, Tiranë with the funicular, Pogradec (Ohrid lake), Elbasan and Korcë (two-days excursion), and trips to Macedonia and Montenegro too.

Trips costs with an English speaking driver (on a car for up to 6 people):

* Meals and entrance tickets are not included in the price.

Tourism in Albania

Tourism in Albania is attracted by the beautiful coastline beaches aided by the warm and long summer, as well as the archaeological heritage from Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman times, mountainous topography, delicious traditional Albanian cuisine, Cold War era artifacts, unique traditions and hospitality, low prices, and the wild and peculiar atmosphere of the countryside.